Effective January 13, 2021
Mineshop imports most of the hardware from China or Hong Kong.

All mining hardware carries a limited 120-day warranty unless stated otherwise on the product page, and items not in working condition must be sent back to Mineshop after obtaining an RMA reference from us in its original packaging to 239 Glover Avenue, Die Hoewes, Centurion, 0163.

Warranty will be void if evidence of overclocking is present, burnt chips, warranty seals broken and water damage. Only factory defects are covered under the manufacturer warranty. Mineshop merely facilitates the claim process on behalf of the client for an admin fee (communicated to you by our admin department on the matter as each case is unique).

No refunds will be processed on imported products due to the nature of our product and the conditions of sale by our international suppliers. All imported goods are considered special orders and are sold on a pre-order basis, Second Hand Hardware will carry no refund or credits. Any delays in shipment due to Customs Clearance or the CBCU detaining Shipments or SAPS inspecting parcels or any form of delay be it Governmental or Act of God will not hold Mineshop Liable in any manner or form. No Compensation or loss of income can be claimed from Mineshop in this regard whatsoever.

Products that carry a money-back guarantee will be governed by these terms:

If the machine is in full working order, Mineshop will source another client willing to buy the machine from the purchaser at an agreed-upon rate between the original purchaser and Mineshop. During this period the hardware must be in Mineshop possession to avoid delays in shipment if a buyer is found.

The money-back guarantees start from the date of payment and only applies to goods sourced locally inside South Africa and the guarantee must be honoured by the supplier of the goods to Mineshop. Imported Goods Suppliers do not give any money-back guarantee and thus no imported goods are covered by this money-back guarantee.

Mineshop reserves the right to reject any claim for a refund in the event that Mineshop found that the unit was used for mining for a period of more than 24 hours. The Client must describe the reason for the refund in an email addressed to [email protected] and refunds without proper cause will not be accepted. Reasons pertaining to income generated by the machine is not seen as a probable cause or grounds for any refund.

Mining performance in the case of daily earnings cannot be guaranteed by Mineshop and is not seen as a reason to grant any refund. All returns on warranty repairs are for the client’s own account such as shipping and import/export duties.

Exceptions to the matter that may lead to an agreed refund between parties, authorised by the company will be done on the following conditions:
  1. All refunds are subject to an admin fee of up to 15% of the refund amount.
  2. All refunds will be processed at the earliest convenience of the company due to the nature of our business and being dependant on sales of imported goods that were cancelled to generate cash flow to front refunds of previous orders as the resale will most probably be done at a discounted rate resulting in a loss on the transaction.
  3. Refunds will immediately be available in the form of a credit on our Mineshop online store if after a 90 day period the credit is still unused the client can apply for the refund to be done in Fiat Currency minus the admin fee in point 1. of this section.
For further refund policy info please email [email protected] or call +27 12 111 8297.
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